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This incubator aims to provide a platform wherein all science and technology expertise would converge at co-working spaces in the form of Technology Business Incubator at UIET (TBIU). Through co-working among faculty, students and industry, TBIU aspires to provide an ecosystem to evolve and refine technologies and products that require expertise at the interphase of engineering sciences with the following objectives:

i.   Provide a dedicated physical co-working unitat UIET.

ii.  Facilitate the incubatees to utilise resources within UIET and even in Panjab University, depending upon technical justification of the project.

iii. Connect the incubatees for technology-downstream commercialisation aspects that may become available through TEC, CIIPP, CRIKC, DIC, IIC and other places in Chandigarh and around.


TBIU is managed by a committee, Chaired by the Director, UIET. It will endeavour to secure additional necessary facilities through Grant In Aid from government or other agencies, CSR and by partnerships with industries and UIET alumni. It has a shared working space with core facilities for the Resident Incubator Members/ Companies and student groups (at an early stage of idea incubation). TBIU will freely network with TEC, CIC, CRIKC, DIC, IIC and any other such organisation in the region to facilitate the journey of incubates, for further improvisation beyond the initial proofs of concept/prototypes developed at TBIU.

  • To nurture and incubate innovative talent for setting up enterprises towards various problem solving areas in science and technology.
  • To provide state of the art multi-disciplinary technology facilities
  • To hand hold and guide budding innovations towards excellence and commercialization
  •  To provide a congenial environment for developing collaborations with academia, research institutions, investors, venture capitalists and industries
  •  To mentor students for innovative idea creation through world class consultancy services

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