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“Every dream like an eagle’s egg has three phases; incubation (brooding) period were all the facts about the dream are collected and carefully analyzed; nurturing period were much is invested initially and very little may be realized immediately and flying period were the dream has broken loose and it becomes a reality to the dreamer” ― Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

TBIU is a business incubator focused on supporting startups which would use modern technologies as the primary means of innovation. It refers to the type of incubation where the focus group consists of innovative, mostly technology-oriented, or knowledge-intensive service sector enterprises and interactions with the academic sphere giving a substantive element of the incubation process.It will promote the concept of growth through innovation and application of technology, support economic development strategies for small business development, and encourage growth from within local economies, while also providing a mechanism for technology transfer.

TBIU is a temporary, facilitative support provided to start-up enterprises through the delivery of complex services and special environments with the aim of improving their chance of survival in the early phase of the life span and establishing their later intensive growth. It is a venture of UIET to promote and bolster a new technology intensive enterprise.It aims at the development of new innovative industries by stimulating the establishment and early growth of start-up firms. It fosters innovative start-up firms, thus the process of incubation is strongly intertwined with the innovation process that occurs in the supported enterprises.


TBIU would be an epitome of technology-based economic development while providing a mechanism for technology transfer and support the concept of growth through innovation and application of technology, and economic development strategies that encourage small business development and growth from within a local economy.

It would be promoting: Creation of technology based new enterprises, Facilitating transfer of technology, Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and Speedy commercialisation of R&D output due to optimal use of the already existing expertise and facilities thus keeping the cost of the TBIU on the lower side.

TBIU being the part of premiere institute Panjab University would be benefited in following ways:

  •  State of the art Infrastructure, facilities and expertise available
  •  Prime location reduces time lag between technology development and its commercialization.
  •  Dedicated faculty team with excellent R&D track record
  •  Centre for Industry Institute Partnership Programme( CIPP) bridging Industry-Academia gap
  •  Technology Enabling Centre (TEC) stimulating the growth and commercialization of R&D activities aimed at developing products & production processes with advanced technologies by strengthening the cooperation among public, university & industry.
  •  Design Innovator centre (DIC) to focus on innovations around engineering products, add value to the available engineering designs and promote early stage startup companies.
  •  High end labs and instruments procured through prestigious research project grants from Government of India like MoE, DBT, DST, AICTE, MEITY etc.
  •  MoUs with Industries in the region, CRIKC etc
  •  Proximity to other R&D/academic institutions
  •  State of the art Library facility
  •  High end internet facility

Thus, being in the university campus, It aims to offer access to a creative environment, advanced technology laboratories, exposure to state-of-the-art technical equipment and expertise, and other research and technical resources such as faculty, staff, students, and libraries.

TBIU would be initially promoting following thrust areas which have potential for faster growth:

  •  Smart HealthCare: Medical Devices, Restorative Technologies, Artificial intelligence based Diagnostic Solutions, Customized Prosthesis, Patient specific Implants etc.
  •  Energy Harvesting and Management Technologies
  •  Traffic Sensing and Information Technologies
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